PicStarter is a chat-bot developed for Latitude financial services. The goal of the project was to develop a platform where a user could easy communication via SMS with the bot to help determine an appropriate loan type. We wanted to avoid the restrictive “Please select A, B or C” options. and take advantage of natural language processing and machine learning.

The entire project was built with Python due to its support for multi-threading, queuing and natural language processing.

My role within the project was to design and develop the technical and infrastructure solution along with the core application logic, queuing system and external API systems.

Built at CHE Proximity




Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an iOS research app. Designed to make gathering insights cheaper, quicker and more targeted for marketers.

As with Fearless my role was to design and develop a high availability Restful API, administration dashboard and front end. The API and Dashboard have been built on a NodeJS, Express, AngularJS stack along with MySQL and Redis. The front-end was built using ReactJS. All hosted on AWS EC2 servers running Nginx over HTTP2 (Goodbye SPDY).

Download from the Apple App Store here.

Built at CHE Proximity

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blackmirror macbook


Fearless was a personal security iOS app. My role within the project was to create a high availability and scalable API and front-end of the website.

The API has been built using a combination of the Lumen framework, Hack (Switching to Hack and HHVM gave the API a 70% performance boost) and Redis. Along with the AWS SDK and a custom SMS API. The front-end mapping software was built using the Google maps API and AngularJS.

Built at CHE Proximity

In the news:

fearless in macbook

Telstra Insight

Built as part of an Aglie team on the Lithium Community platform. InSight has been built to deliver personalised content to registered users based off their preferences.

Built at CHE Proximity

insight macbook

Food Nation

Responsive SilverStripe CMS Theme, custom Product Module and integration with the Dymo Label Printing API and Laravel framework.

foodnation macbook